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Bradford Torelli


brad torelli working

Brad Torelli is the man behind Torelli Pen. Every Torelli Pen is a product of his hands, working with his large assortment of lathes, buffing wheels, and other tools.


Brad has been a Connecticut resident since his youth. For much of his life he was a successful repairman of high end audio equipment, working along side Take5Audio in New Haven.


He picked up cycling in his early 30's and has been an avid cyclist since. He drives a '48 Buick, as mentioned in the NY Times arcticle on him.


Working With Pens


Brad's fascination with pens began at an early age. If you ever have a chance to spend time with him, he can tell stories of his first pen, a gift from his father, or of using an old fashioned dip pen in grade school. This facination grew into a hobby, and from there into a career:


"My heart is in it, as if each pen were made for myself. I'm lucky to have been able to make my hobby into a business, first with audio equipment and recently with pens."


He began making pens in 1986, and his first pen, a Sheaffer Demonstrator, drew large amounts of attention at his first pen show (pictured below). The success of that first outing has him still calling it his lucky pen.


Torelli schaffer demonstrator


Over the years, he has refined some skills and acquired many more, to the point where he is even making his own plastics. Few have a deeper knowledge of the workings of fountain pens, and if you are fortunate enough to own a Torelli Pen, you can know that it has come through skilled and caring hands.




All pens the work of Brad Torelli unless otherwise specified

Copyright © 2011, Brad Torelli. All rights reserved.

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