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Torelli Pen

Torelli Pen offers both custom work and pen restoration


Custom Pens


All levels of customization are available, from custom nibs to enitrely brand new pieces


Custom Designs

Entire pens can be made from custom parts and materials


amber torelli triad


torelli pen small



Custom Nibs

Torelli Pen can give you the nib you want, including flexible and italicized nibs


Torelli custom nibs



Custom Barrels

torelli empire 51


torelli pen single piece barrel 51



Custom Materials

Torelli Pens can be crafted out of any number of unique materials including:

torelli pen rainbow



Torelli Pen can make a custom pen out of just about any plastic you can find

Can't find the right one? Brad produces many of his own plastics and uses lamination and other techniques to produces unique patterns. For more information, see the blog post on plastic


torelli pen 51 black

torelli flag pen



torelli green yellow striped




Torelli Pen produces many pens out of metal, including titanium, sterling silver, and stainless steel (pictured below)


torelli titanium 51



Hard Rubbers

Hard rubbers can give a unique look and feel to a pen


torelli pen hard rubber



Custom Caps

Caps can be redesigned with etching, buffing, or hammering, or made from scratch from plastic, copper, and other materials.


torelli pen cap matte




Torelli Pen repairs pens through the restoration and replacing of parts. Repairs include:


- Fixing filling mechanisms


- Removing dents


- Repolishing caps and barrels


- Repairing cracks with acrylic mending


- Retipping nibs


- Machining replacement parts





All pens the work of Brad Torelli unless otherwise specified

Copyright © 2011, Brad Torelli. All rights reserved.

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